After much consideration, I have decided to start a series of opinion articles. These may inspire controversy, as well as stir up questions among you that I hope leads to new ideas and opinions. The purpose of the Your Mileage May Vary Opinions is to gauge what people think about some of the more sensitive topics in aviation. Things will range from business interests, to aviation politics, to quirky occurrences that happen every day in the sky. If you have any ideas or topics you want to discuss, email 


How will you cover these themes?

Well, I plan on covering these themes with a lighthearted, but serious tone. I understand that many of you may have different opinions, but YMMV is meant to be a place for civil discussion. Hopefully, this will serve as a thermostat for airlines to understand what the general public really thinks about the news articles they are in.

American Airlines A330

American Airlines A330

What if I don’t share your opinion?

If you don’t share my opinion, explain why! I would love to see everyones opinions and their takes regarding the many articles that will be evaluated in this series. Remember to be civil, and please be respectful to those who have different opinions.


How often will these opinions come out?

Well at first I plan to write one opinion article every week. If you all like the concept enough, I will begin to publish more often the YMMV articles.


So, without further ado, please recommend topics and I will begin to give my opinion on them! There are no questions that you can’t ask, so long as they meet the editorial criteria and are of this blog and are respectful.

Delta 757

Delta 757

For anyone who wants to ask questions via email, feel free to email me at I will do my best to answer every question I am asked. For those questions that only require a short answer, I will respond via email.  Hope to hear from all of you soon!




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