Reader Jonathan would like more tips on how to find cheap cruises.  I’m a bad person to ask, because 1) I tend to stick with one cruise family (Royal Caribbean and sister companies), and 2) I shop for when and where I want to go and on what ship ahead of price.  That said, I love a good deal as good as the next guy, and if you’re interested in cruising Royal Caribbean, you have an opportunity for deals coming up.

Royal Caribbean has announced a 2-day WOW sale on May 18th and 19th.  The sale applies to any itinerary after September 1, 2010, and even includes Oasis and Allure, the 2 largest ships in the world.  The sale offers discounts and on board credits, but I think the best deal is the 50 percent off reduced deposit.  With half 0ff the deposit, you can avoid tying up a sometimes not insignificant amount of cash in a vacation that could be many months away.  Check out the details as well as terms and conditions here.  If you’re able to travel on short notice, join Twitter and follow @RoyalHotDeals for special pricing on any number of Royal Caribbean itineraries.

I work with a local Virtuoso travel agent for all cruise vacations.  That said there are a number of cruise-only agencies out there that reportedly offer some good deals from time to time.  CruCon comes to mind, and I’m sure there are others.  Obviously, there are cruise lines out there other than my number one choice that may work for you, and I hope other readers will chime in for tips for finding good deals with those lines.