Through January 31, 2013, you can buy Delta Medallion Qualification Miles (MQMs) and have them count towards your 2012 Medallion progress. In other words, if you finished 2012 at 45,000 MQMs, and are headed towards Silver Medallion in 2013, you can buy 5,000 MQMs and enjoy Gold Medallion status in 2013. Of course, if you qualified for Silver with 45,000 MQMs, you could rollover 20,000 MQMs and be almost half way to Gold for this year and next.

That, like all things is a personal choice. If it looks like you will fly 50,000 miles in 2013 for sure, I have to say that Gold Medallion is light years better than Silver. Trust me, I’ve been both, and I do NOT want to go back. If I were close to qualifying for Gold for 2013, I would likely consider a purchase of some MQMs. Instead, I will rollover something like 18,000 MQMs and suck it up until I requalify for Gold Medallion. You can click here for the details on purchasing some additional MQMs.