Above is this week’s winning “worst hotel view ever?” photo from loyal reader and frequent business traveler Peter Chang. He snapped this picture while staying at the Sheraton Hong Kong. If you think you can top his pic, email me at!

The very first “worst hotel view ever” that kicked this series off on Travel Update (following a 2011 roundup story for USA TODAY) was taken by my Dad at a Courtyard by Marriott in Silver Spring, Md. Since then, business travelers have been sharing their favorite ugly views with us from around the world: No. 2 (a Hilton in Pasadena, Calif.), No. 3 (a Sheraton in Queens, NY) and No. 4 (a Ramada in Tunis).

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As for the view above, Chang told me that the view of the typical city apartment building – where both parties can see each other – caught him by surprise.

Here’s why: He’d been staying in one of the Sheraton’s lovely harbor-view rooms (see his photo below). But since that room wasn’t available for his entire stay, the hotel “upgraded” to the suite with the view above.

“They didn’t warn me about the view,” Chang told me. “Based on what I read, this property actually values the view as an upgrade over a suite upgrade, and I can see why. While the suite upgrade was nice, I would choose the view next time, especially with the (city’s) nightly laser show.”

Readers: How important is the view to you when you’re on a business trip? Does it make a difference if you’re a frequent customer of the hotel or brand in question?