This week’s contender for Travel Update’s “worst hotel view ever” comes from reader Mark Michaslki, a frequent traveler who lives in Baltimore.

Above is Michalski’s photo taken last month from his room at the Sheraton hotel by New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport.

UGLY HOTEL VIEW: Worst hotel view ever? No. 1

UGLY HOTEL VIEW: Worst hotel view ever? No. 2

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This is a view I personally know well — from the driver’s perspective. His room overlooked the Belt “parking lot” Parkway, which is normally heavily congested, full of potholes and just generally unpleasant.

From that perspective, I’d rather look at the Belt than drive on it…but that’s just my two cents!

For some people, the fact that you can see the New York City skyline far off in the distance might be a plus, though of course we’d rather see it close-up, right?

So, dear readers, let me throw down the gauntlet again… Can you top this ugly view?