Given the enormous popularity of last week’s post, “Worst hotel view ever?,” which was based on my own Dad’s ugly view at a Courtyard by Marriott, I’ve decided to invite readers to share their own top worst-view picks.

For today’s installment, we can thank a frequent Hilton customer for taking the above ugly view photo.

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This well-traveled reader, who prefers to go by his TripAdvisor name HiIslandsGuy, snapped the photo above while staying at the Hilton hotel in Pasadena, Calif. Unfortunately, he didn’t get one of the rooms with scenic views of Pasadena. He took the photo two and a half years ago and hasn’t been back since, he told me.

“It would have been so simple to put up a fence and some potted trees!,” he said.

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Interesting to note his loyalty status.

“I am a Hilton Diamond member, which proves that status doesn’t necessarily get you a lot,” he remarked.

He also told me that the view is not exactly a high priority for him, but when he has a number of choices in properties, the view will “start to enter into my selection” process. In the Glendale/Pasadena area, he has a choice of at least five Hilton properties to choose from so he stays at the others now.

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“To me, the treatment of these kinds of issues differentiates the hotels that really care about pleasing their guests from those that are just in the business,” he said.

Readers: Do you think loyalty status should guarantee you a decent view – or is view simply not a huge priority for you? By the way, I’m now accepting more photos of ugly views; please send via email.

Photo courtesy of HiIslandsGuy.