If the thought of beer combined with travel sounds like the ideal vacation, you’re in luck – the world’s first crowdfunded craft beer hotel is here.

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Indiegogo Crowdfunded BrewDog has already received over $129,000 from backers with a month still left to go, and the hotel has already been given the go-ahead to be built in Columbus, Ohio.

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Dubbed the DogHouse, the hotel will offer beer in the minibars, beer Spa treatments, beer themed breakfast, in-shower beer fridges, and even have Punk IPA beer on tap in the guest rooms. Here are some of the amenities according to their website –

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The number of guest rooms is not yet determined and the exact building site has not been chosen. However, if you want to get in as a supporter before the hotel opens, Indiegogo offers a night’s stay including a beer breakfast for two for $150.

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There are other packages that come with malt spa treatments, IPA hot tub soak, beer-y meals complete with beer pairings, etc. You can even design your own sour beer. If you like beer, this is definitely a good place to visit or help fund.

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The property is slated to open up later this year. There are plenty of properties that are near breweries, but this one lets people stay right inside the brewery.