Update 2 January 19:15: A reader has pointed out the online press release has been amended. Originally, the text read, “7. An industry-leading makeover for World Traveller Plus. Never will this business-class challenger have looked so good. Look out for a new seat, new bedding, new dining and classy new drinks in this intimate and exclusive cabin.”

It has now been changed to say, “7. An industry-leading makeover for World Traveller Plus. Look out for new bedding and new dining in this intimate and exclusive cabin.”

BA have subsequently stated that it was an error and there is no new seat. The World Traveller Plus seat rolling out to the fleet at Gatwick is the one being used in future.

British Airways are introducing a new World Traveller Plus seat this year. The press release states it will be an “industry-leading makeover” which promises to be interesting.

For those that are unaware, World Traveller Plus is the British Airways name for premium economy. You can read what it’s like in a flight review I put together here.

World Traveller Plus Seat

The current World Traveller Plus seat is not really all that old. As the airline is going to be making changes to First and introducing a new Club World seat, it probably makes sense to do premium economy at the same time.

There is a noticeable increase in space over economy class, as well as other little details such as a larger entertainment screen. Recline is also more generous, which is important on long sectors.

Interesting Clues

Curiously, the press release makes reference to new bedding. At the moment, this comprises of a pillow and a blanket, which is a bit of a stretch to call bedding. I imagine these are being improved, rather than actual bedding being included.

New dining is also mentioned, so perhaps World Traveller Plus will get its own separate style at last. At present, the main course comes from the Club World selection, while everything else is from down the back. It works, but it could be better considering the fares charged.

Overall Thoughts

An industry leading World Traveller Plus seat being introduced is a bold claim. I doubt British Airways would be saying such a thing if they didn’t truly believe it was going to be the best in the industry.

No doubt the competition is also hotly waiting to see what happens. The new cabin will probably come in at the same time as the Airbus A350, which is also when the new Club World seats are due to be unveiled.

Have you flown World Traveller Plus with British Airways? What do you find good and bad about it? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Images via British Airways.