Well, they say no one wants to pay for inflight internet.  I’m not one who minds paying for it, but I’m using it for free right now aboard Delta Air Lines flight 1129 from CVG to SFO.  I’m mileage running for Silver Medallion status today.  I debated doing this, but as I posted previously, I’m just too close to let it pass me by.  Flights so far have been on time, and the service aboard both flights has really been stellar, which is what I expect 99 percent of the time when I’m flying Delta.  Even my Comair CRJ-700 flight was nice this morning.  Delta’s chariot of choice for today’s flight to SFO is the 737-800.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t have inflight TV, but it does have GoGo inflight wi-fi, and I love it so!  I’m typing this post and chatting with fellow Boardingarea blogger Dan Webb at the same time from the comfort of my coach chair!

Leave it to me to pick the weekend of DC’s first snowfall of the season to mileage run.  I brought a change of clothes just in case I get stuck somewhere.  My routing today is DCA-CVG-SFO-DTW-DCA.  I only have 58 minutes in SFO and 36 minutes in DTW on the way home.  Couple that with the weather, and I thought the potential was there for “issues.” 

Well, let me close for now.  I’m feeling random musing on travel coming on.  Let me see what I can come up with.