My handful of credit cards (somewhere between 10 and 20 🙂 ) makes me a neophyte in the miles and points bloggerverse. Nonetheless, I evaluate the cards that are in my wallet from time to time, and occasionally decide it’s time to purge. At the top of my goodbye list for 2015 is the Marriott Rewards Premier Visa. I spend an above average number of nights at Marriott hotels compared to your typical blogger, and that’s probably not going to change even if I am spending more nights at Kimpton properties this year.

It’s been real and it’s been valuable here and there, but my Marriott Premier Rewards Visa is on its way out. It bailed me out when my (then EMV chipless) Sapphire Preferred couldn’t in Italy a few years ago, and I’ve enjoyed some benefit from carrying the card from time to time. Frankly, it’s been fine. When I first got the card and promoted it here on the blog, a question I frequently got was “where can you use those “useless” free night certs.” At the time, I could spout off a list of hotels that I had used it, but my favorite was the JW Marriott – Miami where I’ve redeemed more than once. The JW is a favorite pre-cruise hotel stay for me. Well, the JW in Miami was a category 5 hotel at the time, but since then, it’s risen to category 7. The value of the free night with the Marriott Rewards Premier Visa? Unchanged. Any benefit from the card? Also unchanged. VFTW notes this today, and yes, his thoughts spurred my post. Why follow onto that?

Aside from the SPG Amex, the Marriott Premier Visa is the only hotel card I currently carry, and it’s been a while since I’ve made a change in hotel cards. Benefits matter, even to a traveler like me who is less focused on “hacking” the best deal I can get than perks. It’s been real, but my Marriott Rewards Premier Visa’s days are numbered. It’s competitive out there, and if you aren’t innovating with your card products, you aren’t going to last with me or anyone else.

-MJ, April 28, 2015