Now that about 2.4 million bloggers have weighed in with what a great deal the US Airways Dividend Miles hotel transfer bonus was or wasn’t, I thought I’d throw in my 2 cents. Like all things in the traveling life, this is a YMMV situation. Ric has one of the best analyses of anything miles/points related I’ve ever read. That said, I moved some Starpoints over to Dividend Miles. Why? I have a specific reward in mind, and I’ve been concentrating on pumping up my Dividend Miles account. For me, 37,500 Dividend Miles for 20,000 Starpoints seems like a swell deal. For you? Well, not to sound cliche’, but your mileage may vary. Spend those miles wisely.

All that said, this is just one more reason why I think the Starwood Preferred Guest program is evolving into one of the better values out there for travelers. Look for a post in the near future as to why I feel that way.