OK….call me a pompous snob if you want. I do not care. I’m seated in First Class on my flight from DC to Atlanta today. All is well. Family of four walks on. Dad and child one assume their positions in First Class across the aisle from me. Mom and child two take the first row of coach immediately behind Dad and child one. Each child visits the toilet one minute prior to departure, and Mom seems put out when the flight attendant reminds her that departure time has arrived as one of the children needs “five minutes” in the toilet. Good Lord! Finally, everyone is seated. And then…they yap the whole damn way to Atlanta. Mom visits. Child two visits child one, and vice versa.

People…I know I’d be more sympathetic if I had a brood of children following me around on the road, but one thing I surely wouldn’t do is sit my precious self in First Class just for the sake of taking the comp upgrade based on my elite status with my kid bouncing around the cabin and kicking the seat in front of them. And yes, that is exactly what was happening.

OK, I’m comfortably seated at the lobby bar of the W Atlanta Midtown, and am slowly getting over this woeful one hour flight…but still. People….act like you are grown!!!!

*Rant Off*