…..when you book an award trip to Seattle on Delta using SkyMiles, need to change flight times, and then have to cancel the whole trip…that’s when. It’s not like Delta hides these fees, but still. I booked an award trip to Seattle several months ago in Delta First at 80,000 miles. A questionable decision in and of itself, but I didn’t know what else I’d use the miles for. A month or so later, it became apparent that I needed to reschedule my flights. Origin and destination remained the same…as did my connecting point, but Delta still charges $150 dollars for the privilege. I’ll admit, being accustomed to AA where simply changing flights without changing origin and destination can be done without a fee, I hadn’t bothered to check whether or not Delta charged for such changes. Had I done so, I would clearly see where Delta does indeed charge for this.

Better yet, as my luck would have it, I recently found out that other commitments would prevent me from taking the trip to Seattle. I called to cancel the trip, and was of course charged the customary $150 award redeposit fee. Moral of this story: be Platinum or Diamond Medallion if you plan on canceling an award trip with Delta! Again, it’s not like Delta hides these fees from view, but it still feels a little wrong to have donated $300 dollars to Delta in return for what, I’m not sure. At least I got the miles back. 🙂