Four Seasons food truck photo courtesy of the luxury hotel chain.

Four Seasons food truck photo courtesy of the luxury hotel chain.


It may sound counterintuitive, but Four Seasons – the luxury hotel chain where you can easily pay $300 for a night’s rest – is temporarily getting into the food truck business.

Here’s what’s going on: Four Seasons is sponsoring a limited-time-only food truck tour that will let people who’ve never tasted a Four Seasons meal in their lives  get a taste for what they’re missing – without blowing their budget. All items will be priced at $10 or less. It’s a clever marketing move (see my quote in the ABC News story below).

Four Seasons trucked along the West Coast last year, but this year is trucking down the East Coast from Toronto to Miami. At each of the nine stops, the local Four Seasons hotel’s culinary team serves up a local culinary experience.

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The truck will stop by each hotel, but also hit landmarks and events such as Philadelphia’s LOVE Park and the Piedmont Park Farmers Market in Atlanta.

The food truck tour kicked off in Toronto earlier this month and already stopped in Boston. Seven stops remain, with New York kicking off food truck festivities tonight. Here’s the schedule:

  • September 29 – October 4New York, NY
  • October 6-11Baltimore, MD
  • October 13-18Washington, DC
  • October 20-25Atlanta, GA
  • October 27-28Orlando, FL
  • October 30 – November 4Palm Beach, FL
  • November 6-11Miami, FL

For specifics, follow the hashtag #FSFoodTruck on Twitter and Instagram or look at the company’s special website.

Expect to find items that put a creative touch on local flavors, such as pastrami sliders in New York and a Savannah crab cake sandwich with Old Bay remoulade in Atlanta.

Read ABC News story about the luxury hotel food truck obsession, which includes my quote (below):

“This is really a marketing play,” said Barbara DeLollis, founder of and social media strategist. “It’s a clever way to bring the Four Seasons brand out on to the street to millennials, who are known to love trying new food trucks and may not know the Four Seasons name. The association can instantly make Four Seasons seem like a ‘hip’ brand that can deliver experiences that they like.”

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