Ideally, guests are assigned a room in a hotel that satisfies their needs and they stay there. Sometimes a hotel has a specific person that takes care of the room assigning, carefully matching needs and elite status with room types starting several days before arrival. This is a great way to ensure that if a top tier elite shows up at 11pm, they’ll still get an appropriate room rather than being delegated to whatever is left after the majority of guests have checked-in. Oftentimes, room assigning is done instead by the front desk staff and adjusted as the day goes along.

Especially when a hotel is fully committed, things get trickier every minute once check-in time starts and modifications are needed. Much like a puzzle, not every piece fits exactly how it should every time and someone ends up stuck in the tiny, noisy room with the view of the mechanical equipment. A room reserved with a single bed won’t work for the family of four that shows up, someone with allergies requests a hypo-allergenic room and gets one that just had a dog in there, a door handle malfunctions and the room has to be taken out of inventory, and someone that recently underwent knee surgery requires an accessible room.

Then there are people that want to switch rooms because of preference. Although I try not to be a demanding guest, sometimes I request room changes.

If I don’t get a King bed and I’m traveling with my husband, I don’t hesitate to ask if a King bed room is available. Same goes with any rooms that I find are next to an elevator, so I don’t hear the DING! every time the door opens or the WHOOSH every time the elevators goes up or down.

I’m pretty picky about the temperature of the room too as I prefer a cool sleeping temperature, so if the A/C is broke and the hotel cannot fix it by sending up one of their engineers I ask for a different room.

If there is an extremely loud party in the room next door, I’ll give it a little while before calling down to the front desk. Someone on the staff will then call to the room or go knock on the door to ask them to lower the noise level (I know, I’m such a party pooper!) but I don’t ask to switch rooms unless the noise doesn’t stop.

Although I’ve found odd things in my hotel room I’ve never found anything gross enough to prompt me to switch rooms.

Some rooms have amazing views while others leave much to be desired. If I get to the room and there is a disappointing view, I typically won’t ask to switch rooms. It depends on how busy the hotel is though. If I know the hotel is at 35% occupancy and I really really want an oceanfront view, I’ll ask and figure the worst they can say is no.

At least the bed was comfortable

At least the bed was comfortable

I’m curious what reasons readers have for switching rooms. Do you have a fear of heights that prompts you to switch if you get a top floor room, or are superstitious and won’t stay in a room that has the number “4” in it? What does it take for you to ask for a different room than what you were assigned? Are you sometimes picky like me or just go with whatever you are given?