If you think that presidential candidates regularly dine on caviar while sleeping in cocoons of silk on the campaign trail, you’d be mostly incorrect. Some hotels on the campaign trail will be 5 star resorts, while others will be small motels without any room service.

For the past few days including last night’s Republican Primary Debate, many on the campaign trail reportedly retreated back to the Renaissance Cleveland hotel. Nice enough, but with 3.5 stars on TripAdvisor and a spot of 23 out of 35 hotels in Cleveland, it doesn’t sound terribly fancy. Doing a quick check of the hotel a couple days ago, it appeared to be completely sold out.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 10.48.39 PM

For those presidential candidates with extensive means (Donald Trump perhaps), FlightAware showed a private jet arriving before the debate and leaving shortly afterwards.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 11.00.13 PM

Things are already getting hectic in the hotels with lots to remember. So much so that one of Rand Paul’s staffers reportedly found a copy of a candidate’s closing statement still in the hotel printer.

And so it begins, with numerous hours spent on the road. Several years ago the NY Times ran a piece on the effects of sleep deprivation on candidates which culminates at the last few months of the race. Exhausted, candidates will just be happy to lay their heads down in a bed for a few hours not unlike the many millions of business owners and hard working citizens of the country they are vying for votes in.