24 hours after the blizzard of 2010, and New Yorkers are complaining about all the streets not being plowed.  Maybe I’m jaded, but has everyone forgotten the THREE blizzards we in the DC area got last year?

A car in front of my house last February

Dear New Yorkers, it may be a couple more days before your streets are plowed.  Deal with it.  But the incessant complaining of unplowed streets did not inspire this post, trust me, I know how you feel even if I do sound a tad unsympathetic.  Let me tell you what did inspire me.  There seems to be a growing chorus of complainers worried that the US airline industry, following multiple years of multi-billion dollar losses, is making too much money.  I mean, a certain airline made a few hundred million last quarter, but lost 30 bazillion in the last 10 years, so they must be criminals, right?

OK folks, I’m sorry things haven’t gone well in travel this week, seriously, I am.  I’m 100 percent behind the theory that airlines have become tone-deaf in what the more mundane of us used to call “customer service.”  But really…it snows 20 inches in New York, and the airports are a little slow getting going.  And the airlines don’t operate all of their flights.  Seriously people, is this really a reason to post this kind of “news” reporting? You’ve gotta watch this.

ABC News

I didn’t think so.  Get it together people.