Westin conducted a survey earlier this year, and found that 41% of travelers are concerned about gaining weight while on the road due to the limited healthy food options. As part of Westin’s well-being movement, they’ve announced the launch of two new nutrition partnerships to help provide travelers with healthy food options. I always like seeing healthy food options on hotel menus so I think this is a great idea.

Juicing is all the rage right now, and London’s The Juicery has teamed up with Westin to create a new menu called Westin Fresh by the Juicery. With ingredients like pomegranate, mint, spinach, kale, beetroot, acai and blueberries, the fresh juice and smoothie offerings are aimed at providing quick and easy nutrition and energy for the day. The new menu will be available at all Westin Hotels in early 2015, but I took a look at one of The Juicery’s menus to see what they offer in their stores. Though it may not carry over to the Westin Menu, I even found a juice called the Malted Milkshake, with coconut water, almond butter, dates, and vanilla protein. Yum.

The second partnership is between SuperChefs and Westin. Together they have designed a new menu just for little ones, called the Westin Eat Well Menu for Kids. Some examples are: Build Your Own Fruit Crepes, Build Your Own Salmon Ni├žoise Salad, and a Baby Spinach & Cheese Omelet.

As revealed in the survey, one third of parents bribe their kids to eat healthy by giving them electronics or sweets so Westin is hoping to help parents make eating healthy more fun. The new menu comes in the way of a colorful place mat and has educational tips too, such as explaining what makes a food “super”. I’m a huge fan of kids’ menu in hotels, since the portions are usually smaller than the adult ones, and the ingredients are sometimes simpler.

Overall, these new food options sound like great additions to Westin’s six-pillar well-being movement and I look forward to trying out the new menus!