When I noted in last week’s recap that I was spending a full week in town for the first time in 2 months I opined that I’d be twitching in my office chair by Friday. Actually, I made it through Friday, but it feels a little “off” knowing that I’m probably not flying again until I head to this year’s Chicago Seminars. I’ve got more travel locked in for the end of the month and November, so I guess I should enjoy this little respite while I can. Oh well, let’s take a look at our weekly recap. (Note: Starting today, I’ll bold the top 2 or 3 posts for the week based on traffic results.)

And this week at MJ on Travel – the cruise line loyalty series returns after being overcome by events last week.

  • Cruise Line Loyalty – NCL
  • Cruise Line Loyalty – MyCruise Rewards
  • Three Questions for American Airlines

These travel topics, and no doubt more, this week at MJ on Travel.

-MJ, October 5, 2014