Planning for a big west coast swing this week. Unfortunately, the hotels aren’t very sassy….. maybe I should profess a new love for Residence Inn? Ha! Gotta stay where the work is…and at least they’re comfortable, even if not luxurious. As I noted yesterday, it’s hard to believe the year is half over, and as much as I’m not interested in doing “extra” things to attain elite status, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to focus on the status I have and keep it as long as it is useful to me. Now is a good time of year to take stock of where you are. The year is half over, but I am over half way to my goals…..that’s a good thing. Where are you on your status goals?

Now, let’s take a look a few things I am thinking about this week at MJ on Travel.

  • Why Must Reporters Use Words Like “Terror in the Skies” for Every Little Thing that Happens in Aviation?
  • The Amex Platinum – Still the One in the One-Two Punch for Travelers
  • Travel Wallet Review
  • “Stalking” a Particular Cruise for the Best Price

These travel topics, and no doubt more, this week at MJ on Travel. Wherever your week takes you, make it a great one!

-MJ, July 13, 2014