If you or someone you know has ever had a desire to visit North Korea (or – more likely – you’re just fascinated by the topic), then you’ll want to read the Washington Post article headlined, “North Korea tries to lure tourists to earn foreign currency, but two now on trial.”

The Post says that the trickle of American visits to North Korea have declined since two American tourists were detained in April and charged with “hostile acts;” one of them is set to go on trial on Sunday. (See more details from the Post’s previous story about the arrests.)

The trial comes at a time, the Post notes, when North Korea is emphasizing tourism with the unlikely goal of bringing in 1 million tourists. Tourists can go hiking, biking and skiing, or see odd North Korean landmarks such as a marble building that houses 100,000 gifts given to North Korea founder Kim Il Sung – but with “government minders at their sides continually.”

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If this interests you, I’d recommend watching Frontline’s documentary from January called “Secret State of North Korea.”

Readers: Have you ever thought about going to North Korea?