Seriously, I’m a little confused. If I’m reading things correctly, Delta (great airline) SkyMiles (not quite average awards program) is about to implement a policy change which I don’t quite get. If I’m reading things correctly, any changes/cancellations within 72 hours before departure of flights booked with SkyMiles will result in forfeiture of said miles? You can read this FT thread to tell me what you think. I think I’m not a fan. So if I understand things, if I have an award trip booked, and my work cancels my vacation 48 hours before I’m supposed to depart, I’m out of the miles? Delta, please tell me I’m reading this wrong!

I mean, if Delta offered things like one-way awards and consistently decent award seat availability more than 3 days before departure, I might be a little more understanding. In this case, I think this feels like an idea that could seriously tick off a lot of customers. Maybe I’m wrong. Feel free to comment.