Ever had a mediocre stay at your usually favorite hotel?  I’m sure you have.  And that’s what I’ve experienced this week at the W Atlanta – Midtown.  I checked in Monday, and will be checking out on Thursday.  Check in was great.  The desk attendant was very good at her job.  But the rest of the stay has been….well…average.  The usual “Bliss 6” has been the “Bliss 5” all week until today.  Granted, maybe they ran out of “soapy sap” or whatever they call it.  No turn down service.  No big deal, but it was something I’ve had before and I noticed when it didn’t happen this time.  No paper delivered each morning.  I know a lot of hotels are cutting morning newspaper delivery, and it’s certainly something I can live without, but I missed it.  Flip side of that is that it forced me to come down for coffee in the lobby early so I could find a paper!

Frankly, the hotel has just been kind of blah all week.  I know it’s spring break here in the ATL, which I’m certain has cut into the usual lobby crowd.  Perhaps it’s even taken out part of the staff.  But something just seems off this week. Everybody has an off week.  I worked for an airline for a big chunk of my life, so trust me, I know it happens.  🙂  But something hasn’t felt the same here this week.  I hope it’s better next time, and I’m sure it will be.  Looking forward to my next stay.  That said, I’m definitely gonna try out the W Atlanta-Downtown during my next visit.  Time to review a new hotel anyway.

But I want to give credit where credit is due!  I noted during this stay that the hotel has added a complimentary low bandwith wi-fi option that is available throughout the hotel.  Normal speed is still $14.95 per day.  I’d liken the speed to the slowest dsl line you can buy.  Speed is better, but this is a great option if all you’re doing is checking email.  Kudos to the hotel, and I hope I find this option at other W Hotels that I visit.

One more good thing.  I originally booked a 4 night stay.  At check in, I am absolutely certain that I advised that I’d be leaving Thursday instead of Friday.  There was no statement under my door this morning, so I figured the desk attendant at check in forgot to change my departure date.  I was right.  The hotel was very cool about it when I went down to the desk to check out, and did not charge me an early departure fee.  So thanks to the desk attendant this morning for that.