Spanish low cost carrier Vueling is changing their frequent flyer programme. The current Punto scheme will become Vueling Club in September and passengers will earn Avios on bookings.

Vueling is owned by International Airlines Group (IAG) which also owns British Airways, Iberia, and Aer Lingus among others. All those airlines use Avios in their programmes also and it is possible to move miles between the schemes.

Existing Punto Miles

Frequent flyers in the existing Punto scheme will see their points converted to Avios. Every punto will convert to 9 Avios and the airline will convert these automatically when the changeover occurs.

How Many Avios Will You Earn On Vueling?

Similar to the Aer Lingus AerClub, earning Avios is based on how much you spend on your airfare. This continues the trend of miles being earned based on spend rather than distance flown.

Every Euro spent on a basic fare will earn 3 Avios which is the same as Aer Lingus. Passengers choosing an Optima or Excellence fare will earn 4 Avios per Euro and Premium members of the club will earn double Avios.

What Does This Mean?

There is a clear pattern here with the IAG group airlines all moving to Avios. Adding Vueling to the fold from a frequent flyer perspective harmonises the offering across the group and there is speculation that all the programmes will merge together at some point but that remains to be seen.

From a customer perspective it is handy enough as you can move Avios between schemes which I personally find very handy. I live in Ireland and my main programme is the British Airways Executive Club. As a result, I am a member of the Aer Lingus AerClub so I can collect Avios on everyday spend in Ireland, then I can move the Avios to my BA account.

Overall Thoughts

This switch to Avios will offer people based in Spain the ability to use and redeem their miles on other IAG airlines a little easier. Sometimes it is cheaper to move the points to another airline and redeem through them but not always.

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Featured image by Brian from Toronto, Canada via Wikimedia Commons.