Is it just me, or should all airports be required to make space for a Vino Volo? 🙂 For the record, this is not my first visit to a Vino Volo location, it just happens to be well-timed, uncrowded, and just about perfect for waiting for a flight. This particular location, Cincinnati, has power outlets around the space, and most importantly, underneath the bar for charging your phone or computer. Best of all, let’s face it that there just aren’t that many domestic airport lounges where one can do a decent wine tasting. Vino Volo even has a loyalty program, with status levels no less! Sorry, it’s revenue based. 🙂

Vino Volo

For sure, I paid a visit to the Sky Club here at Cincinnati. The people were courteous as always, and it was not crowded at all. That said, the dearth of power outlets along with the knowledge that Vino Volo was nearby proved too tempting. Frankly, the Sky Club was so empty that my extraversion got the best of me. It was almost too quiet. So I’m loving the Vino Volo. Do you have a favorite pre-flight spot that supplants the airline lounge for you? Where?

-MJ, February 24, 2015