Mimicking a promotional video for a sleek and sexy new luxury car, the Vancouver airport’s rolled out a tongue-in-cheek video about its 2014 baggage carts, a Vancouver website tells us.

The airport introduced 3,000 of the new baggage carts, a blog on the VancouverIsAwesome blog says, noting the airport’s sense of humor.

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Despite the silliness, the post says the carts really do represent a major upgrade over the old ones. “And they’re of course still free for passengers to haul their crap around the airport,” the post says.

During quick flashes of the cart, cloaked in darkness, a male voice says:

Dual composite rubber wheels. Nine kilograms lighter. Improved safety features. Upright ergonomic design…Free!

Readers: If you use luggage carts, do you think some airports have better ones than others? If not, can you remember the last time you used one?