Many of you are painfully aware of the issues surrounding US Airways’ cutover to a common reservations platform early Sunday morning. Considering the challenges of an I.T. migration this large, it’s not surprising that there have been a few bumps along the way. As of this writing, their check-in kiosks on the east coast still appear to be having problems. Media reports indicate that the lines aren’t nearly as bad as they were on Sunday, but that there are still some trouble spots, especially in Charlotte and Philadelphia.

I refuse to believe that they didn’t extensively test the “old” US Airways kiosks with the new common reservations system. For whatever reason, the testing they did appears to have been inadequate. postings (and my own review of pricing on indicates that there are some issues with the pricing function in the new reservations system resulting in abnormally high fares as well.

The airline finally got around to admitting that there was a problem today, and posted an apology on its website. Given some of the seemingly out of touch quotes from their spokespeople I’ve read in the media since yesterday morning, this apology is a big step!