Today, I’m flying US Airways from Atlanta to Raleigh with a connection in Charlotte. Yes, that’s a tiny bit out of my way, but there is a method to my madness. First, I need to fly to Raleigh. Delta was pricing about $80 higher than US Airways when I shopped flights. I value my time so $80 would not have been enough for me to book away from Delta for this trip under normal circumstances. However, these are not normal times. I once said that I could consider a 30 minute flight to Charlotte a cost of doing business. I’m not there yet, but when this opportunity presented itself, I thought why not? So…I booked a US Airways roundtrip from Atlanta with a connection in Charlotte.

The Plan

I’ve purposely booked excessive Charlotte layovers in both directions so I’ll have time to check out the lounge situation and general airport environment. Charlotte has always been a favorite airport of mine, but it’s been years since I’ve flown through there. I’m going to check out both the flight experience as an AA Gold flying on US Airways, and the Admirals Clubs at Atlanta, Charlotte, and Raleigh. I’ll post about my flights, the lounges, and some concluding thoughts. Back when I was flying US Airways more regularly, I referred to them as the most underrated airline in America. I caught much grief from my buddy The Weekly Flyer about that comment. 🙂 We’ll see if things have changed since the merger with American.

-MJ, November 15, 2014

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