The Dividend Miles program’s days are numbered, and it will soon merge into the AAdvantage program. When the programs merge, the Citi AAdvantage cards will be the credit card partner for American Airlines, but US Airways MasterCard members can continue to keep their cards and accrue miles, and their cards will be converted to the AAdvantage Aviator cards. While Barclays won’t be able to offer new accounts to AAdvantage members, it can continue to offer the US Airways MasterCard to new applicants until Dividend Miles merges into AAdvantage.

It’s a good deal, with 50,000 bonus Dividend Miles for the first purchase (and paying the $89 annual fee) that will become AAdvantage miles when the programs merge. As I had not had a US Airways MasterCard for a while, I decided to apply. While I wasn’t instantly approved, I let the application peculate for a day or 2, and sure enough, I was approved. My card arrived in today’s mail and I immediately activated it online. Nothing unusual there, but what really surprised me was this offer:

Dividend Miles, AAdvantage, US Airways MasterCard

I had read that a lot of US Airways MasterCard members were getting this offer. What I didn’t expect was to get the offer as a brand new account holder. The terms & conditions implied that it was targeted. While 1.5 miles per dollar won’t lead me to use this card for every purchase, it will certainly get some consideration for non-bonused spend. MrsMJ joined me in applying for this card too. If you’re at a good place for a new application, I think this one is one of the easiest decisions out there. 50,000 miles for $89 dollars? Yes please.

-MJ, March 21, 2015