My fellow BA blogger, The Weekly Flyer, once dared me to author a post I threatened to write…. “US Airways – The Most Underrated Airline in America.” I never got around to that, partly out of having other things to write, mostly out of fear. 🙂 A friend of mine sent me a link to a Time article on the latest survey saying that US Airways is “at the bottom of the heap” among traditional carriers.

Before leaving DC I had become a full time US Airways customer again after running away following the merger with America West. While there were some changes I did not like such as plastic cups in first class, no power, and no wi-fi (which was finally addressed), US Airways had become an airline I could usually count on to get me where I was going on a nonstop flight from DCA. I didn’t miss the IFE, but I’m sure that is because I was usually flying on flights of less than 3 hours and carry a plethora of electronics on me.

Not only was the airline reliable, but Dividend Miles, while not the best, certainly had their uses. I also enjoyed a respectable upgrade percentage as a Silver and Gold member, if nothing like my former Chairman’s Preferred glory days. Employees were no more or less surly than any other airline except Delta who I maintain has the market cornered on polite employees.

US Airways was a decent enough airline for my travel needs when I lived in DC. I know they aren’t 5-star, but the planes were mostly clean, the people mostly pleasant, and they tended to view actually operating on schedule as more than fairy dust. US Airways, I still like you, but please don’t take this as permission to rip the in-seat power out of any of AA’s planes or mess up AAdvantage.

-MJ, May 15, 2014