It was like a Seinfeld episode…

Last week, my family and I were changing planes in Atlanta so we could fly Delta to Cancun for our spring break vacation. For whatever reason, I had an assigned seat – but the three of them did not. So my husband went up to the the Delta gate agent to find out their seat assignments, which is where the TV sitcom scenario started.

“I’m sorry I have to do this to you,” the agent told him in all seriousness.

He then told my husband that he and our two boys, aged 10 and 13, had been upgraded to the spacious business class (like Jerry) while I (like Elaine) would be left on my own to duke it out in crowded coach class. My husband was incredulous, yet giddy – and very wary of my reaction! The kids? Just giddy.

The situation hit such a funny bone that the accompanying photo showing our youngest touting their upgraded tickets went “viral” on my Facebook page, with 58 likes and 23 comments.

So how did the boys like it? Are they spoiled forever? It’s not clear.

“It was an exquisite experience, although I thought they could have provided us with more amenities,” said Alessandro, our 13-year-old son who’s a budding gourmand. He was dissatisfied with the “generic” tea that was “steeped a bit too long.”

Joaquin, our 10 year old, was much more forgiving. He was happy with the blankets and pillows that I didn’t have in coach.

Stay tuned if hubby will ever live this down.

Readers: What’s your funniest or oddest upgrade story?