Hello from Nassau, Bahamas. Majesty of the Seas arrived here this morning. It’s now 4pm, and the ship is starting to buzz with returning cruisers as we prepare to sail for Miami at 5pm. Yesterday, we were at Royal Caribbean’s private island paradise of Coco Cay. The water was bath warm, and the weather really could not have been better.

We are enjoying our cruise, but these 3-nighters just aren’t long enough for people that have to fly to the ship. All the more reason I’m glad we booked a “back to back” sailing and will remain onboard Majesty for the 4 night sailing beginning Monday, September 5th. We head right back to Nassau, then Coco Cay, but on Thursday get the added bonus of a day in Key West, one of our favorite places.

Mrs MJ on Travel and I arrived in Miami early Friday, catching the first AA flight from DCA to MIA, and then spent a couple hours in the Admirals Club before heading over to the port. We did not check luggage, and were able to enjoy our time in the Admirals Club. I spent an hour or so closing out some final issues with work, and then we were ready to vacation.

Majesty was already boarding when we arrived at the Port of Miami around 11:30am. We left our bags with the porter, and proceeded inside, where our docs were checked, we cleared security and then checked in with Royal Caribbean. Within minutes we were heading up the escalator to board the ship. Curb to cocktail time – 17 minutes.

We’ve sailed Majesty several times and never get bored just because we are sailing to the same spots. We both love being at sea, and frankly, the ability to detach from the routine, enjoy ourselves, be waited on by pleasant staff, and just do nothing is all we are looking for. For crying out loud, I’ve almost finished a book since Friday! I don’t remember the last time I’ve read a book to be honest. (Decision Points by former President George W. Bush, if you’re curious.)

To be sure, we like trying new places too, and we’ll do that next month with a 2-week vacation aboard Allure of the Seas. Ok…we’ve been to all the ports except Falmouth, Jamaica. We’re going to see the ship! Allure, and her slightly older sister Oasis of the Seas are engineering marvels to me, and I just want to see a ship that size in action……and be on vacation too. We were fortunate to be able to get away this Labor Day week, just enough to tide us over to our back to back cruises on Allure of the Seas.

In the meantime, I hope you’re enjoying your holiday weekend, the Best of MJ on Travel content, and looking forward to a couple of guest posts from Rapid Travel Chai this week too!