I booked a United Basic Economy flight from Denver to Los Angeles, and I just checked in for the flight. Based on the seat map the flight was quite full, but there were still some aisle and window seats left. I’ve heard the horror stories of getting middle seats and groups getting intentionally split up even where there is ample seating available. The glaring question: Would I end up getting a good seat for Basic Economy?

The Seat Map 7 minutes before Check-In:

good seat for Basic Economy

Pretty packed. So many middle seats. I was really expecting a middle seat, so I was flabbergasted when I checked in right at the 24 hour mark and got assigned my seat.

Good Seat for Basic Economy?!

Seat: 14C

WHAT?! Aisle seat? Arguably one of the best remaining seats left on the plane for Economy. I was ecstatic. I was also traveling with two friends, and they got assigned 14E and 14F which was great as well.

I bought a bag for my friends and I to share. Because I bought a bag, I could print out my boarding pass! If you get a mobile pass it’s the “nice” orange color (fits for Halloween I suppose) so United can distinguish you are in Basic Economy. My friends received seat assignments but they couldn’t obtain their boarding passes yet/complete the check-in process as they didn’t purchase a bag. United says they need to finish checking in at the airport.


If everything goes well at the airport and we keep our assigned seats, then I consider Basic Economy not too shabby (I’m still not a huge fan). We practically got the best remaining seats on the plane and United didn’t intentionally split us up. I’ll have my flight review posted soon!

If my situation is not unusual, then I recommend checking in as early as you can on a Basic Economy ticket to get the best remaining seat.


How have your Basic Economy experiences been? Comment below!


Happy travels,