United Airlines failed to live up to the expectations of its employees and customers. And that is according to United Airlines itself.

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In the five years since its merger with Continental, United seems to have lost a lot of trust that it now seeks to regain, starting with apology print ads and a new website: UnitedAirtime.com

United describes the new United Airtime website as the following:

This new site is United’s way to connect directly with customers and employees to solicit their questions and ideas about how United can become the world’s best airline. Unitedairtime.com is designed to be an ongoing conversation, and United will use it to strive not only to honestly answer customer and employee questions and concerns, but also to implement their input. United will also be publishing stories about employees, customers and company innovations on the site to keep you informed about the strides the company is making.

United Airtime

Is United Airtime just a public relations stunt? Or do you expect real changes to come?

“We still haven’t lived up to our promise or our potential [since the Continental merger]. That’s going to change,” according to United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz. Munoz has reigned over United for less than a month after the quick departure of former CEO Jeff Smisek.

Is United Airtime just a public relations stunt? Or do you expect real changes to come?
Will you consider posting a complaint or question?

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