United and other travel companies are making the taxi-alternative service Uber available to their customers via apps, according to two articles published today.

According to Techcrunch.com’s report, Uber is expanding its appeal to “partners that have already committed to introducing Uber to their users” including Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, OpenTable, Starbucks and United Airlines.

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The Techcrunch reporter wrote:

“We think this is huge for us,” Uber SVP of business Emil Michael told me in a phone interview, then repeated, “This is huge for us.”

United Airlines became “the first airline to offer its customers Uber transportation services via the carrier’s mobile app,” the Chicago Business Journal also reported today.

United customers who have iOS and Android mobile devices can find Uber information in the app’s menu or home page under “My Reservations,” the article says. The United app user will see Uber information such as type of vehicle, estimated wait times and prices, the story says. Why sign up? You can get 1,000 MileagePlus miles for a limited time after finishing your first transaction. See the Chicago Business Journal story for info about United’s app.

Traveler tip: If you see a link to Uber’s services on your hotel or airline’s app, be sure to watch for deals. The Techcrunch report says Uber plans to offer new app users up to $30 when they sign up.

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