I can’t deny that I am a big fan of Uber. I use the black car service more than the shared ride uberX option, but certainly use both. In some cities, uber offers uberXL service which is basically shared SUV rides. If you have a large party (up to 6 according to uber), consider booking uberXL instead of uberX. UberXL isn’t everywhere, but there’s good news for Atlanta-based uber lovers as uberXL is now available here in the ATL.

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 12.34.01 PM

Uber is a welcome addition to the Atlanta transportation market, and uberX and uberXL are welcome competition to taxis. If you haven’t tried uber, use the link on my Thank You page to sign up. You get up to $30 off your first ride, and I get the same for my next.

-MJ, September 5, 2014