I have just begun a 3 day business trip that started around 11am today. I went into the office early to take care of some things, and then departed for the airport from there. I normally take rail transit to the airport, but I’ve been itching to give Uber a try, having downloaded the iPhone app many weeks ago, but not yet using it. I was running late anyway, so this was an ideal opportunity.

I clicked on the app, entered my address on the map, and found that a car was 12 minutes away. Perfect! I finalized everything, and with that, my car was ordered. I really like that the app shows the position of your assigned vehicle on a map display so you can plan accordingly. I walked outside when the car was about 5 minutes away, and sure enough…my driver soon appeared.

The car was late model and clean. Bottled water was provided, and I had a comfortable and timely ride to the airport. While Uber fares are close to cab fares in some instances, downtown Atlanta to the airport is not one of those. The fare is a flat $75 dollars. I should’ve looked before I bought, but I’m not disappointed in the service or the price at all….it is what it is. Fares are easily found on Uber’s website.

The verdict – Uber is a handy service and I will use it again. I especially like the easy to use iPhone app and the no hassle pricing that is automatically billed to your credit card.