I’ve come to rely on uberX for transportation around Atlanta. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind paying the same price as a taxi, perhaps even a few pennies more just for the convenience and ease alone. Knowing where your car is, and no muss/no fuss when it comes to paying for your ride makes uber and uberX my go to in most any city where the service is available. For short rides, the uberX fare has been at the minimum of $6, however, uber is now dropping the minimum fare for uberX to $5.

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That’s an amazing deal depending on your destination here in town. Frankly, I haven’t set foot in an Atlanta taxi since uberX came to town, and don’t expect to again anytime soon. You can get up to $20 off your first uber ride by clicking here. I will get $20 off my next ride too.

-MJ, January 10, 2015