Holy smokes, I’m on week 2 of being in town, and in my office.  I must’ve been traveling a lot because nearly everyone that’s passed by my office door in the last week has stopped by to remark about how amazed they are to see me.  Nice to be missed.  🙂  I had to giggle a little today when someone quipped that they wanted my schedule, “never here.”  I know this particular person was joking, but I wonder if others think I’ve just been out flying around for giggles?  Probably not, but it says something about the “mystique” of business travel.  Folks that stay home think we frequent fliers are out enjoying our elite flying status, sipping champagne, and eating at fab restaurants, and enjoying fancy hotels.

Those of us that know realize we’re really just slogging along, hoping our flights are on time and that we don’t have to sit next to anyone that wants to talk to us too much.  And when was the last time champagne (or even sparkling wine) was available on a domestic hop…at least in the back of the bus?  Fancy meals?  Well, Outback Steakhouse is about as fancy as it gets in my traveling world.  And even the better beds most hotels now feature just don’t measure up to sleeping at home.

It’s been good to be home, but I’m looking forward to getting back out there next week.  Just to Atlanta, but I’ve got some exciting work going on, and I can’t get that done sitting in the office.  See you at the airport.  Champagne’s on me.