Did you see the trailer for Up In the Air?  I got a kick out of the “turned on by elite status comment.”  Why?  Yesterday, I took a look at where I stand on AAdvantage elite qualifying miles.  With my 2 trips coming up this weekend and next, I’ll be at just over 51,000 elite miles for the year, and Platinum status will be in the bag.  But then it occurred to me that being at 51,000 eqm’s means I’m only 49,000 eqm’s away from Executive Platinum status!  I spent my lunch hour (note: not naked in a hotel room like George Clooney) calculating how I could earn those 49,000 eqm’s before December 31.

Long story short, it’s very attainable.  However, I’m not going to do it.  I’ve got vacation plans, including a 7-night cruise, coming up in early November.  I’m actually using my last United miles to fly us to LAX for that, so no mileage earning.  The total trip time is around 12 days.  That coupled with other work responsibilities…some of which will include travel on airlines other than American (one will make me Medallion on Delta), are standing in my way.  If I’d planned my year better, I could’ve easily made Executive Platinum this year.  So close, but so far away.  Oh well, life goes on….as AAdvantage Platinum.  Maybe I’m not that turned on by elite status afterall.