DC publication POLITICO is out with an article on a TSA proposal to allow passengers from certain airports to board their flights without screening. Instead, these passengers would be screened when their flight lands.

“TSA’s latest effort to make air travel more efficient would have let passengers board flights at some small airports without being screened for threats like guns or explosives.”

Thankfully, this proposal has been shelved as the article goes on to note. Apparently, some members of Congress heard about the plan and shot it down before it ever had a chance to take off.


My Take on TSA Screening After Your Flight

While I don’t like the idea personally, I’ll at least applaud TSA for thinking outside of the box. This policy, if enacted, would only apply to a small number of low traffic airports that are served by small aircraft. While the risks from such an operation might be lower than…..let’s say not screening a 747 full of passengers from a major airport, it just seems too fraught with unknown risks to be considered in my opinion. It seems that nefarious individuals might try and exploit one of these “low risk” airports as an entry way into the larger air transportation system. Even if passengers (and I assume) luggage are checked upon arrival at a major airport, this just doesn’t feel right. Granted, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that a passenger on the no-fly list, or one who is being “watched” in some other manner might be prevented from boarding, but I just don’t think the public would go for this. And neither will the TSA apparently.

What do you think about this security idea?

-MJ, April 26, 2016