TravelPony is a 3rd party hotel booking site that offers flash sales from time to time. Back when they were just getting started, Points and Pixie Dust wrote about a great deal she got for a Four Seasons. TravelPony is trying to spread the word about their site by way of social media, and they say that the savings on not spending a fortune on advertising allows them to offer lower hotel prices than their competitors.

This morning I got an email from TravelPony that they’re having a flash sale.

The first 1000 people that book today will get 10% off.

Use discount code FLASHPONY when booking.

If you don’t have a TravelPony account, if you use my referral link to sign up you’ll get a $35 credit when you book a hotel that is $200 before taxes.

TravelPony is great in that it offers discounts on Kimpton and Four Seasons properties. Just like any online booking site though, you’ll want to check around that the prices are lower than you can get elsewhere.