I’m not going to review the situation with Northwest 253 yesterday.  Unless you’ve been really out of touch, you know that some jackhole managed to burn himself and others trying to blow the airplane up yesterday.  Preliminarily at least, it looks like he was packing some pretty powerful explosives and we are very fortunate that something went wrong in the detonation process, or we could be looking at a much more horrible outcome.

Expect some changes at security right away.  They may already be happening.  Here’s a link to a New York Times article on the subject.  Hat tip to Dan Webb for the article.  Joe Brancatelli reported in an alert to his members this morning (note: I am a subscriber to Joe’s newsletter) that Air Canada and WestJet have already put some more onerous restrictions in place including a limit of one carry on bag.  Here’s a link to an announcement about new security procedures on Air Canada’s website.  The situation is evolving rapidly and I wouldn’t expect TSA to publish every possible change they might implement in advance.  Pack a little patience and extra time into your air travel plans beginning now.