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My family lost our mother, wife, and grammie to Alzheimer’s last week. Here is a post I wrote on 9 Tips When Traveling With An Alzheimer’s Dementia Companion. Please pass it along to those in need.
~ @travelblawg

Travel + Law News From Around The World:copy-copy-blue-globe2-e1371845418626

  • In case you missed it, a failed hijacking led to the arrest of a Ukrainian man who allegedly tried to hijack a Turkey-bound Boeing 737-800 to Sochi as the Winter Olympics kicked off. The Pegasus Airlines flight, which originated in Kharkiv, Ukraine on Friday, landed at Sabiha Gökçen International Airport (SAW) in an apparently successful move by the pilot to trick the hijacker (who never gained entry into the cabin) into thinking it was landing at Sochi.
  • An O’Hare (ORD) cleaning woman was charged with theft of an iPad left on a plane after it was tracked to her home.
  • In Dubai news, Cocaine smugglers caught at Abu Dhabi airport jailed for 15 years.  Interesting legal note, their defense argument of “transit area” of the airport is not officially part of the UAE (thus no jurisdiction) was rejected by the court.
  • In other Dubai news, Bomb hoax at Dubai airport puts transit passenger behind bars. Man gets a month in jail and Dh2,000 (~$545) fine for drunk dialing in a bomb threat to DXB from a nearby hotel. The jail is for the bomb threat, the fine for the drinking w/o a license.
  • In yet other Dubai news, Emirates discount air fare scammer gets sentence reduced. The Dubai Court of Appeal reduced his sentence from 3 years to 6 months, with deportation to follow. His crimes included buying tickets at his discounted staff rate and then selling them on at the normal rate.


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