British Airway's First cabin on the A380.

British Airway’s First cabin on the A380. Photo courtesy of British Airways.

Each Sunday, I’ll give you the rundown of the 5 most-popular stories on the Travel Update blog for the prior week.

The No. 1 story for the week ending Sept. 7 talked about a major hotel tax hike in one Italian city – Rome.

Last week, however, the story that attracted the most attention had to do with A380 service involving a major U.S. city.

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Below are the links for the five most-read stories for the week ending Sept. 13:

  1. British Airways now selling tickets for a new U.S. route with A380
  2. Airbnb & luxury travelers: It’s about bragging rights
  3. Michael Kors: Is this fashion designer the most loyal hotel guest ever?
  4. Can you qualify for a free British Airways upgrade?
  5. Starwood EVP guest blog post: B2B is 70% of our rooms revenue

Readers: Was there a story that you would’ve thought would made last week’s the Top 5?