Last weekend I, and many of my TravelUpdate and BoardingArea brethren, descended on our capital city of Washington, D.C. for the third iteration of the BoardingArea Conference. At BAcon, many bloggers, travel industry executives, and experts shared their perspectives and knowledge. As a new blogger, it was an invaluable resource. I took many excellent notes, and left with a renewed vigor for writing and sharing my experiences.

I thought about writing a traditional review, but felt comfortable that many of the other attendees would do the same, so here are key things that I learned.


Three Fresh Strips of BACON

The top three takeaways from BAcon, for me, are below. These were the ones that stood out to me and are spurring me to devote more time, energy, and thoughtfulness towards cultivating this blog, and the readership. They could not hope to capture all the information received from the conference.

  • BoardingArea is a Family

    The friendliness, helpfulness, and openness of the community and travel blogging family (cliché, I know) was overwhelming. The industry executives want us to grow and succeed (which ultimately benefits them as well). Experienced bloggers showed incredible warmth when sharing their knowledge, regimen, tips, and tricks with me and other new bloggers, which will help us flourish. I have been in many areas that pride themselves on collaboration and camaraderie (school, job, etc.), but BoardingArea, BAcon, and the intimacy of the discussions and conversations felt natural, rather than forced.

    Write, Write, Write

    Write, Write, Write

  • Post Post Post

    Stay true to yourself, provide your thoughts and unique perspectives, and write like no one is reading (so thank you for reading). It’s a humbling and relieving freshness, when not pushed to write for a specific purpose. Simply write for writing’s sake, and the readership will come. I plan to continue on this path and write to what interests me.

  • Success is Not Easy

    Study & Work Hard!

    Study & Work Hard!

    Listening to the years of toil of top bloggers such as OneMileAtATime or ViewFromTheWing reinforced what we all know. Success requires diligence, perseverance, time, luck, hard work, and endurance. Expect years of hard work for your skills or passions to pay off, if they ever do. Granted, there are people who are natural success stories, but for the rest, keep at it, whether it be learning, studying, whittling, or (for me) writing.


Closing Thoughts

Lastly, I want to give a big, big thank you and shoutout to Randy, Heather, Kristen, and the rest of the BoardingArea Staff for hosting me, the others on TravelUpdate, and everyone else at BAcon. Thank you for helping us grow and develop with the wonderful presentations by industry experts and executives. We are better writers, bloggers, and people because of you. BAcon was a wonderful experience and I look forward to the next one!



Featured Image from Unsplash.

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