Celebrating Thanksgiving!

This Thursday people all across the US are going to be gathering to give thanks, eat and eat some more, laugh and possibly argue with relatives, watch football, and of course shop!

Here are some apps to help you survive the next few days.

For those of you outside the US, enjoy a few days of quiet.

Avoid traffic and getting lost with Waze.Waze

This a crowd-sourced map service. What does that mean? Other people (ideally passengers – safety first!) share tips about traffic, police (not that I ever speed!), and tips.


Stressed? Overwhelmed? Annoyed? Happy? Focused? All of them?

Treat yourself to a guided meditation with Headspace. Andy’s TED Talk has been viewed almost 7,000,000 times. Takes 10 minutes – there are even some shorter ones for emergency meditation needs.


Don’t have time to exercise? 7-min-app

Think again … this is a FAST workout that you can actually do in 7 minutes. Maybe do it as a family exercise before everyone sits down to eat. Just sayin’


Someone overserved?

Save yourself the stress (and liability) and call them an Uber or Lyft. You’ll have peace of mind, they’ll get a ride home, uber-lyftand everyone wakes up the next day – literally.