Another Friday at the airport, another opportunity to be glad to go home. As much as I love to travel, I think I love traveling home more. This one was a week where I got some stuff done, just not anything I’d planned on (hoped for). Had a great stay at the W Atlanta – Midtown, and I will work on my review over the weekend. Should post Monday. I’ll be back in 3 weeks, and I thought about staying in Midtown again, but Buckhead has kind of grown on me, so it’s back to the W Atlanta – Buckhead next time.

Anyways, coming up:

  • More on my new flirtation with US Airways Dividend Miles
  • A word about needing to fly to 25 cities in a not so lengthy amount of time
  • Full review of the W Atlanta – Buckhead

It’s gonna be a busy weekend of blogging. And if I can get the right light and a good angle, I’ll post a few shots of the re-spiffed Delta A-17 Sky Club in Atlanta.