You heard it here first.  I’m officially bored.  I don’t travel again until late in the month, and then, only to Atlanta.  Not that I don’t like Atlanta, I’d just rather be heading somewhere new and exciting as opposed to someplace I’ve been many times before.  Gonna mix it up a bit for you this time.  Booked at the new Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Atlanta, and will post a thorough review for your reading pleasure.  This will also be my first Delta trip without Medallion status.  Back to Zone 7 for me!  I’m sure I’ll survive.  I’ve got Crown Room, er Sky Club access via my American Express Platinum Card, and front of the line security access via Clear, so I’m ready to rock and roll!

I’m looking forward to getting out of the office.  As tired as one gets traveling, I never get so tired that I’m not ready to go again after a week or two off the road.  This has been more like two months, so it’s time to fly.  And no United, I didn’t copy that time to fly phrase from you.