Folks, if you’ve not yet registered for this year’s Frequent Traveler University session in the NYC area (April 27-29), time is running out. I’ve been monitoring the Milepoint thread on this event pretty regularly, and they are down to less than 20 available slots (as of this past Friday). There is no other event where you can learn from experts like Gary Leff, Brian Kelly (aka The Points Guy), Daraius Dubash (Million Mile Secrets), MommyPoints, Randy Petersen, and others.

You can catch up on all the details of the event in this Milepoint thread. I’ll be there to learn from the greats, and you should strongly consider attending if you’re interested in learning more about the miles and points game. The first MJonTravel reader that finds me gets an MJonTravel key chain and a free cocktail at happy hour! ๐Ÿ˜€